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15 April 2015

Consumer & Retail: Mobility in Retail

Mobile devices expansion and ongoing evolution of related technologies has greatly influenced our shopping habits. Mobility solutions for retail enable new ways to shop – more convenient, efficient, pleasant and profitable for businesses. They boost brand awareness, enhance in-store experience, and provide optimum customer engagement anytime, anywhere.

If you have any doubts on the bright future of retail mobile apps, take a look at the stats:

Generally all solutions in retail and consumer industry sectors are focused on enhancing services provided and offering new ones to drive more shoppers and increase revenue. Mobile apps are build to enable businesses to foresee their client’s needs, analyze and interpret shopping behavior, meet consumer expectations by enhancing online or in-store shopping experiences.

The following mobile solutions can be developed for retail:

Mobile e-commerce:
it’s a great way to shop - quick and convenient – therefore people love it. With mobility e-commerce solution you enable your customers to access all shopping facilities at the palm of a hand anyplace, anytime.

In-store and location aware shopping apps:
about 80% of shoppers use their mobile devices to find a store and nearly 63% check prices and discounts via apps while doing shopping. Location-based apps for retail unite mobile channel with the actual in-store shopping experience. Such solutions enable retailer to engage with the customer delivering relevant and timely info that would correlate with shopper’s location and preferences.

Sales optimization tools:
smartphones proliferation and overwhelming BYOD trends have influenced the sales practices as well. Now sales managers and field sales representatives can rely on comprehensive mobile tools to exchange valuable information, track shipments, close a sale; manage prices, products, etc.

Retail App Development Lifecycle

Retail mobile strategy is a cornerstone of our development process. We are certain that only solutions backed up with strategic analysis and planning have ironclad chances to survive high competition on the market. Also it's important to pay close attention to User Experience and UI as end users actually set trends and determine your app’s destiny.

If you're looking for mobile solution for consumer and retail sector, Nasty Creatures can help you developing quality solution whatever specific requirements you have: location-based service to increase your local clientele, comprehensive m-commerce app, in-store shopping application or else.

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