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22 April 2015

Education Has Gone Mobile

Mobile technologies offer a great variety of solutions facilitating our daily routine; these innovations are applicable in an infinite number of areas and education is not an exception. Nowadays education mobile applications development is emerging as a beneficial strategic investment.

The proliferation and availability of innovations these days have brought on a new generation of students:


Mobile learning is more than just learning delivered and supported by handheld and mobile technologies. It is learning that is both formal and informal, context aware, and authentic for the learner. – Tranxler, Journal of the Research Center for Educational Technology.


Investing in mobile app development and, particularly, educational apps, organizations can receive more than great ROI, but a comprehensive mobility roadmap driving enterprise values, managing IT risks and costs, as well as expanding university analytics and operations to the mobile innovations world. Mobilization of the education ecosystem has a tremendous potential. You only need a cohesive mobile strategy fitting your education environment to take the best out of mobile solutions for education.



Creating mobile apps for education featuring rich functionality and an intuitive interface brings educational processes performance, learning activities integration and connectivity between students and teachers to a whole new level.


Connection requires a platform integrating back-end data from a variety of sources and delivering it afterwards to any devices which run on multiple OS and networks.


Transactional and functional scopes, as well as access authorization are required to protect private user’s data and intellectual property of institution.


Mobile solutions for institutions imply a powerful platform enabling collaboration between all kinds of information requests from users outside and inside the establishment.


Mobile innovations are greatly influencing education system and these changes cause certain challenges and issues for developers and their clients:

Multiple platforms support

Mobile landscape is evolving rapidly. Today devices support a variety of platforms and technologies, whilst tomorrow there may be even more. You need a solution supporting all platforms popular with your target audience. Also, it is important to support the given solution long after the release date.

Security, including:

Network Security: BYOD and cloud technologies proliferation, usage of unsecured networks (SSL based VPN networks, mobile IPS), etc. cause serious malware threads.

Device Security: features information protection and data loss control, files encryption prevention, security policy and compliance management, mobile vulnerability management for device lockdown.

Identity Security: personal data protection from viruses, information theft, phishing, etc.


Mobility governance should be included in overall governance practices existing in an institution, as well as Mobility Policies should be added to Legal and Security Policies. Though, it is crucial to follow flexible approach in evolution of mobility policies regarding the changing character of innovation pace.

Mobile solution for education system differs from an average mobile app

Majority of modern apps available on app store runs in a standalone mode and requires little or no access to external systems or applications.

Nasty Creatures offers a comprehensive mobile strategy in the given field covering all aspects of mobility in higher education. Addressing our professional team, your organization will enhance productivity, boost student retention and satisfaction, increase ROI, as we provide more than a mobile application; we design and develop a cohesive system taking into account mobile strategy, mobility innovation roadmap and relevant governance protocols.

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