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15 April 2013

Enterprise Mobility: Everything you don’t Know Yet

Integration of mobile innovations into modern business strategies is becoming more of a usual practice these days.

Safety issues come first

The previous five years can be called the consumer mobility era. With the release of iPhone smartphone proliferation has increased 50% of overall mobile users in the majority of markets. Nowadays, the enterprise mobile boom is taking over the world, as those average consumers now tend expand the area of their gadgets usage bringing them to work, accessing corporate networks, etc.

The recent statistics show that 74% of businesses allow BYOD and CYOD and only 10% of them know the exact quantity of personal devices accessing corporate sensitive data.

Some more frightening stats on daily BYOD problems (users in percentage, see figure).

Just think of it: 77% of employees at average company are very slightly familiar with corporate IT security policy, and 55% of them regularly break it. However, there is good news, too: 2 out 3 employees understand that using personal device implies certain degree of responsibility on them rather than IT department.

Taking into account that 75% of companies will invest in mobile app development to provide decent mobile business experience for their stuff, mobile security questions are becoming a key aspect of development practices.

What else is hot in enterprise mobility landscape?
Tablets immense popularity in enterprise sector

The tablets are taking over the market with Quadcore introduction, Cloud Services proliferation, 4G and HTML5 embracing. Experts predict that integration of tablets into business will double this year.

Universal Apps

Adaptive apps design is one of the key trends in development right now. Universal architecture enables rich user experience regardless of the device used which is crucial in our multi platform and gadgets reality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is also gaining popularity with such industry heavyweights as Microsoft, Vuzix, Oakey, etc. making impressive breakthrough in this technological area. AR helps to connect the real world with computer generated reality. Smartphones now support this innovation as well. Nokia, Apple and Samsung have invested money and time into AR technologies already to have certain results by the upcoming releases of their devices. Google is ahead of their competitors with the AR based game launch for Android platform.

Multi-Screen Behavior

The ubiquity of mobile devices resulted in such user behavior: they start working with one gadget and continue with the other. The trend only increases with time due to availability of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.).

The research reveals that 9 of 10 users work with multiple screens and smartphones tend to be the most popular gadgets to start the sequential mobile routine with. 98% of such sequential users switch gadgets to finish up one task.

Surely, there are more tendencies in enterprise mobility in 2013 and we will highlight them all on our blog later. Stay tuned…

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