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15 April 2015

Media & Entertainment: How Mobile Technologies Change It All

With the proliferation of mobile technologies, new kinds of interactions between people and their devices have evolved fostering new tendencies in mobile development.

Besides traditional mobile game apps, there are other mobile entertainment services to enjoy. E.g. today television is not enough to satisfy our urge to consume information and simply have fun. Here come the Second Screen solutions providing interaction with the content consumed via the First Screen, such as TV series, shows, music, movies, etc.

In their recent poll Yahoo Mobile and Razorfish have asked 2,000 adults from the USA about their device preferences and mobile habits. Some interesting stats have been revealed:

NPD group in their “Digital Video Outlook Second Screens Report” claims that more than 85% of consumers use Second Screen devices when watching TV, either to do some online shopping for products advertized on TV, look up show-related info, or engage in social media.


Obviously, Second Screen solutions are all about monetizing, and to fulfill this key purpose they have to be engraining and captivating enough, providing sticky user experience. Such apps must reward and encourage interaction.

User experience comes first in everything these days, especially in second-screen apps. Users want apps that look and work beautifully, being equipped with excellent graphics performance, captivating features like social integration, interactive content, rewarding system fostering engagement with the app.


Games are the most popular apps type there is. Besides, they make the most money.

The most downloaded apps according to Distimo:

Portio Research from April 2013 gives the following stats on top categories in app stores (by number of apps):

Gaming industry is not only profitable, but very diverse as well. Besides entertaining end-users, such games can help you build a marketing channel boosting your sales; they can leverage your company′s brand (the so-called branding games) and even more. But game making is more than just spectacular graphics or profound tech skills, it requires deep expertise at pretty much everything. Thus, being good at game development means being well-versed in web-based framework development (online and social games), video and audio production, quality assurance, mobile app marketing, after-launch support.

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