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15 April 2015

Mobile Technologies and Healthcare: Match Made in Heaven

Mobile technologies proliferation has remarkably changed healthcare services access and delivery for patients and industry professionals alike. Nowadays patients can use healthcare applications to order medicines, find doctors and book appointments, check their lab tests; and receive online diagnosis or even medical treatment communicating with their physician via a mobile device.

According to EBRI/MGA Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey approximately 3/5 of adults owing private health insurance had used healthcare mobile applications on their smartphones and 40% preferred their tablets for the same purpose. In both categories:

The opportunities healthcare mobile development provides alongside with medical apps expansion will definitely have a serious impact on the industry. ABI Research predicts that mobile healthcare market will increase up to 400 million USD by 2016 (which is 4 times more than now). Surely no technology can replace a real doctor, but we already see a new tendency towards inbound data in healthcare delivery.

Mobile Development for Healthcare

We at Nasty Creatures have caught that mhealth wave and have accumulated a certain expertise on the matter. Therefore we've come up with what mobile development practices should include when it comes to healthcare:


We specialize in iPhone, iPad, Android and WinPhone app development implementing the latest tools and most innovative technologies, but we know that the latter two are less preferable when we talk about apps for medicine and health. Also it's important to provide smooth back-end systems integration in such solutions facilitating medical info access.


Designing mhealth mobile solutions one should keep in mind the peculiarities of target audience and the specific requirements medical applications should satisfy. Here the UI and UX gain even more significance than usually.


Naturally healthcare apps are quite complex and require thorough support long after the release date. Therefore choosing vendor one should analyze vendors' ability to provide constant support and maintenance services. At Nasty Creatures we not only deliver apps quickly and on budget, but provide robust after-launch support to make sure your application survives on ever-changing mobile market and take full advantage of all platform upgrades. If you're interested in quality healthcare solutions, just contact us.

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