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30 April 2013

E-publishing solutions: e-future is here

These days with proliferation and even ubiquity of mobile gadgets and technologies print publications are losing ground to digital media. Tablets take the leadership among platforms for information consumption.

Recent research by Online Publishes Association (OPA) shows that tablets are the most preferred device for information consumption in comparison to mobile phones, PCs, eReaders and even traditional magazines and newspapers.

Device preference for information consumption (% of tablet users, see figure)

Tablets take over the market as the most preferred information consumption devices and people seem to take to the concept. Experts already predict tablet sales rising immensely from 56 million back in 2011 up to 375 million in 2016. Given that above 50% of the devices will be retired in 3 years of purchase, the forecasts go that people will be using 760 million of portable gadgets worldwide by 2016. Even if just one third of these users will be reading your e-magazine, you’ll reach audience exceeding 250 million people.

With digital media solutions you get high-quality digital content presented in adaptive design and compatible with a variety of platforms and covering the majority of users.

Print media is dead — long live digital media

Publishers worldwide should harness the opportunities of mobile publishing solutions which provide a new marketing and revenue-generating channel within a rapidly growing and highly competitive market.

According to the Alliance of Audited Media, half the publishers worldwide see digital magazines publishing in the nearest future not only as a growing vehicle of communication, but as their revenue booster as well. Take a look at AAM statistics, as numbers don’ lie:

  • for 17 % of publishers mobile currently provides at least 10% of the overall ads revenue;
  • within the next 2 years, 46 % of respondents expect mobile to bring at least 10 % of the overall ads revenue;
  • it’s the same with publishers’ expectations about overall circulation revenues: 41 % of respondents worldwide expects mobile to represent at least 10 % of the overall circulation revenue.
If your company hasn’t adopted mobile digital strategies yet, it’s high time to think about the future of e- magazine publishing and your place in it.

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