This project features 2 modules facilitating banking operations (loan and insurance) for bank employees and clients. They both are web modules integrated into complex online solution which the Aktia bank already has.


Business Objective

Finnish bank Aktia wanted to enhance their online banking solution with 2 new modules - Loan and Life insurance - united by the same principle of work: client enters data and the app visualize it in a user-friendly way taking the hard work out of creating, updating and submitting application forms.

Project Characteristics

Oracle weblogic

Our Solution

Integration with core banking system of such scale would have been quite a challenge if it wasn't for our wide expertise on the matter (including development with the use of MCP framework). Surely, we used MCP in this case as well, since it's a secure online banking framework with all the necessary certificates. As a core development platform we used Java/J2EE because of its security, stability and high performance characteristics. For the same reasons we chose Oracle Weblofic - enterprise level server.

The functionality and User Experience of both modules are quite similar. UX has to be simple and intuitive enabling user to learn to use the app in the process and facilitating banking operations for them either it's about a loan or insurance. Client would just have to enter necessary information in the app and it provides a visual form of data featuring hints, messages, charts, tables, plans and documents.

Main technologies:
Java, J2EE, MCP, MS SQL, Oracle Weblogic
2 Senior Developers, 1 QA Engineer, Part-time Frontend Developer, Part-time Scrum-Master
6 months/ 6 months (2 sub projects 6 months duration each)
Java, J2EE (JAXB, JAXWS), MCP, XML, XSLT, Apache FOP, JSP, Guava, JUnit, JavaScript, jQuery, Highcharts, Maven, Ant, Git, MS SQL, Oracle Weblogic.


We have developed 2 web modules smoothly integrated into Aktia online banking solution - Loan and LIOS (which stands for Life insurance online sales application) both simplifying banking operations via transforming client data into visual form, as well as providing high-quality user experience. The project met client's requirements and was delivered on time.

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