Nasty Creatures' own product. Digital platform simplifying transfer from print to digital publications to 3 steps: client gives us content, we customize an existing template according to his requirements, afterwards client gets a new digital version of his print media with the same look and feel but a more engaging UX.


Business Objective

We've been working with digital publishing projects since the company was founded. As a result we have accumulated solid expertise on the matter and come to a conclusion that the digitalization of print media can be facilitated and fastened greatly via a comprehensive platform. Thus, with all the knowledge and experience in epublishing we've developed such a solution.

Project Characteristics


Our Solution

The key concept behind the solution was to make digital publishing processes simple, quick and universal. We also had certain requirements to the functionality based on our previous experience in this sphere:

  • the digital publication developed via Inkstand should run on all platforms;
  • the digital content should be available in offline mode as well;
  • the final product released with Inkstand should always provide enjoyable UX and pleasant look and feel;
  • the digital content should be secure.

Bearing this in mind we chose Java/J2EE as the main development platform for its performance level, stability and security characteristics. We also used Spring (popular framework) as it sped up the development processes and enabled flexible architecture. As the solution required solid client side we used JavaScript and Backbone/Marionette. We had a little problem we customization of the app for all platforms at once. But JS framework helped as to release our idea of supporting multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Win, Mac) in the form of a crossplatfrom application.

Main technologies:
Java, J2EE, REST, Spring, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript , Backbone/Marionette, Tomcat
1 Senior Developer, 1 Middle Developer, 1 Frontend Developer, Part-time QA Engineer, Part-time Scrum-Master
4 months
Java, J2EE, Spring (Core, REST), TestNG
HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Backbone/Marionette, RequireJS, Handlebars
Maven, Ant, Git
Tomcat, Jenkins


We've developed a comprehensive module-based framework including all the features necessary for a successful print media digitalization on both client and server sides. As the solution features basic functionality as well as certain UI and generally required user experience, it takes less time to customize the template and create a new digital publication with unique and engaging UX, smooth and pleasant layout.

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