We provide comprehensive services in mobile app development including mobile strategy, design, development, support and app marketing.With deep knowledge in all aspects of mobile domain from conceptualization to app promotion our in-house team delivers highly intuitive, user-friendly and entertaining apps. We believe that a good app begins with sophisticated mobile strategy and ends up with doubled ROI.

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Any development process should begin with requirements analysis, as well as any mobile app success story should begin with definition of your mobile presence principles. Thats exactly how we do it in Nasty Creatures. This initial development lifecycle stage includes:

  • Requirements and objectives analysis
  • Brand guidelines and security principles analysis
  • Mobile landscape analysis
  • Market trends research
  • End-users study
  • Mobile strategy development


After analyzing what a client wants, defining what he needs and getting a clear picture of the relevant market state, we can start building your mobile success with creating an efficient operational framework and system infrastructure.

  • Basic estimate
  • Risk management
  • Solution conception and initial design
  • Prototyping


At the stage of building an app we concentrate on workflow efficiency and assure high quality of your application. We follow Agile methodology and implement Scrum framework throughout the whole project lifecycle to achieve maximum productivity and minimum risks with collaborative approach to management and short development iterations.

  • Architecture development
  • UI design
  • UI design
  • Audit and code review
  • User Testing


  • Core Spring Framework (including Spring AOP, Spring ORM)
  • Spring MVC (including Spring WebFlow and Spring Mobile)
  • Spring Integration
  • Core Scala
  • Akka in Scala
  • RabbitMQ


We take care of our clients long after the project is over.

  • Application release
  • 24 hour robust support within the whole project’s lifecycle


Our marketing experts will help your app stand out of the crowd. We offer the following services:

SEO + ASO: Online marketing: SMM (social media marketing) Off-Metadata promotion:
  • mobile app's name, icon, description optimization;
  • keyword research for the app stores, etc.
  • media kit
  • article marketing, reviews, video marketing, etc.
  • promotion in all popular social networks.
  • improvement of the app's ratings, the app's reviews publishing, link building, etc.
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